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Shower collection


Shower collection

Since its foundation in 2005, Tamanaco has become a significant reality in the Civita Castellana area for the distribution of showers in every part of Italy and in various export markets. Over the years, the Tamanaco collection has maintained, as a distinctive feature, a profound ability to understand the needs and tastes of a diversified clientele; both national and international and predict and interpret the latest bathroom trends.

The five souls of Colavene Spa

Tamanaco is part of the Colavene Spa world, a company created to meet every need in bathroom furnishings. This includes the AXA bathroom fixtures in fine ceramic, the Colavene brand furniture and sinks, the Colacril bathtubs, the elegant LaBl├╣ taps and obviously the Tamanaco multifunction shower cubicles. Five different souls for a single family and the same objective: a precious, functional bathroom that is beautiful to experience.

Certified quality!

An undisputed quality and customer service that make our company one of the most important in bathroom furnishings. All Tamanaco shower enclosures are certified according to the indications of the CPR – Construction Products Regulation (EU) 305/2011. The documentation is available to customers for verification and control.

EN 14428: 2015+A1: 2018