6 mm tempered glass

Explore the chic side of functionality with our 6 mm Shower Enclosure. With an elegant and modern design, our shower enclosure offers a perfect combination of lightness and robustness thanks to its 6 mm thick glass.

Immerse yourself in an unprecedented shower experience, enriched by refined details and a structure designed to last over time. The thin, yet durable glass gives your bathroom a touch of elegance without compromising safety.

Rediscover the pleasure of a contemporary bathroom with our 6 mm shower enclosure, where style and reliability come together in a single solution. Choose the lightness of the design and the solidity of the structure with our 6 mm Shower Enclosure, the ideal choice for a bathroom with a distinctive style.


Rapid/Quick/Easy is the innovative rapid assembly system developed by our technical office, which allows simple and intuitive installation of the shower enclosure via a few simple steps. In this way anyone, even the end user, is able to assemble the Rapid/Quick/Easy shower enclosures.

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