Marble resin

Plan is a minimalist shower tray that gives the bathroom a modern style thanks to  its flat and uniform surface. A shower tray that meets the highest standards of quality and resistance.

Cut to size…

One of the characteristics of marble resin is its high versatility. The shower trays made of this material can actually be used also for out-of-line-walls or in the presence of an architectural column, as the cut made with the special disc is easy to do.



The main innovation of the ECO Series shower trays is its extreme lightness given by the material used, SMC is a polyester material reinforced with fiberglass, a product more resistant than marble, but less fragile and easier to position, in every
shape and size.

Acrylic shower trays

Pleasant to the touch, this is what one feels when comes into contact with the  acrylic surface. In ours dedication to the bathroom environment, we have  manufactured a variety of shower trays using acrylic. The perception of touch is highlighted by the smooth acrylic surface integrated with the anti-slip finish and the new velvet finish which offers a delicate softness when, after a long tiring day one takes a shower in order to relax.