Sliding door 6 mm

Rectangular, corner, niche, center room or center wall. Manufactured in fine quality and extremely versatile, all the fixed panels matched to sliding doors are  characterized by profiles with essential and modern design. These shower enclosures can be installed directly on tiled floors or shower trays.

Hinge door 6 mm

Extremely versatile and timeless, the hinged door shower stall with 6mm crystal  sides is a model with an essential but always trendy design. The different  installations and models help finding the right solution for each bathroom, without neglecting the quality of the materials.

Saloon door 6 mm

The bidirectional opening is the hallmark of these shower stalls. Great ease of  entry and exit thanks to the double vertical handle.

Folding door 6 mm

The 6mm tempered glass shower stalls with folding door is the perfect solution to  solve space problems, thanks to the inward-outward double opening direction.

Open solution 6 mm

No detail is left to chance in this series of totally open solution shower stalls,  without visual barriers. Fixed 6mm tempered glass panels, supported by a  telescopic wall attachment arm, which ensures perfect stability of the sides,  enhancing the lightness of the entire structure.

Bathtub shower panel
6 mm

The bathtub shower panel is the right aesthetic and functional compromise between choosing a relaxing bath and a practical and quick shower. With a 6mm tempered glass it is the right choice to have the functionality of multiple products in one.